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                             Khách sạn và các khu nghỉ mát ở Hội An


Khách sạn An Huy

Khách sạn An Phú

Ancient House Resort

Khách sạn Cửa Đại

Khách sạn Glory Hội An

Golden Sand Resort

Khách sạn Grassland (Thảo Nguyên)

Khách sạn Green Field

Khách sạn Hà An

Khách sạn Hải Âu

Khách sạn Hải Yến

Khách sạn Hoài Thanh

Hoi An Beach Resort

Hoi An Beach Resort of Agribank

Khách sạn Hội An

Khách sạn Hội An Indochine

Khách sạn Hội An Pacific

Hoi An Riverside Resort

Khách sạn Hội An Trade Union

Hoi An Trails Resort & Spa

Khách sạn Huy Hoàng I

Khách sạn Huy Hoàng II

Khách sạn Indochina

Le Domaine De Tam Hai

Khách sạn Life Resort Hội An

Khách sạn Lotus

Khách sạn Nhi Nhi

Palm Garden Resort

Khách sạn Phố Hội

Khách sạn Phố Hội II

Pho Hoi Riverside Resort

Khách sạn Phú Thịnh I

Khách sạn Phú Thịnh II

Khách sạn Phước An

Khách sạn Phương Nam

River Beach Resort

Khách sạn Sea and Sand

Khách sạn Thanh Bình I & II

Khách sạn Thanh Bình III

Khách sạn Thanh Vân

The Nam Hai Resort & Spa Hoi An

Khách sạn Thiên Trung

Khách sạn Thuỳ Dương I

Khách sạn Thuỳ Dương II

Khách sạn thuỳ Dương III

Khách sạn Vạn Lợi

Victoria Hoi An Resort

Khách sạn Vĩnh Hưng I

Khách sạn Vĩnh Hưng II

Vĩnh Hưng III

Vinh Hung Resort



Các chương trình du lịch ở Hội An


Hoi An daily tours Half-day tour Hoi An

Hoi An tours information Full day tour Hoi An

Hoi An daily tours Kim Bong village cycling

Hoi An daily tours Lantern making tour

Hoi An daily tours Half-day My Son tour

Hoi An tours information Savour Hoi An

Hoi An daily tours Full day enjoy Cham culture tour

Hoi An tours information Tra Que vegetable village by bicycle

Hoi An daily tours Tra Que vegetable village by jeep

Hoi An tours information Cyclo tour and boat cruise on river

Hoi An tours information Cham island diving

Hoi An excursion 1-day excursion to Cham island

Hoi An tours information Scuba diving in Cham island for beginner

Hoi An excursion Scuba diving in Cham island for certified divers

Hoi An tours information Full day Hoi An city and My Son tour

Hoi An excursion Marble mountain and Cham museum tour

Hoi An tours information Thanh Nam fishing village by bicycle

Hoi An excursion Thanh Nam fishing village by jeep and boat




Brief Information about Hoi An, a World Heritage Site in Vietnam


Location: Hoi An is an old town down the Thu Bon River, on the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, about 30 km south of Da Nang City.
Characteristics: The architectural significance of Hoi An has been recognized by UNESCO, during the 23rd Congress which took place in Marrakech (Morocco) from the 29th of November to the 4th of December, since the town was officially listed as a World Heritage Site.

After a long period of absence from the tourist map, this lovely town started to draw the attention of visitors and researchers at the beginning of the 1980’s. What is so special about Hoi An is that this little port town is in an incredible state of preservation. It offers some of the most densely concentrated sights in Vietnam with its old streets bordered with ancient houses and assembly halls, its pagodas, temples, ancient wells and tombs. In total, more than a thousand places of interest.

The architecture of Hoi An is characterized by a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese influences. After many centuries, Hoi An is still respectful of its traditions, folk festivals, beliefs and of its sophisticated culinary art.
Set in a quiet environment, Hoi An is surrounded by peaceful villages, a beautiful river, the sea and sunny beaches. Offshore, Cu Lao Cham Islands are very famous for sheltering their prized birds’ nests.

(Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism)